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BOSCH Cloud Services

21 Mei 2017

Bosch announces Cloud-based Services for video monitoring and business support


With new Cloud-based Services from Bosch Security Systems, central monitoring stations (CMS) can now take advantage of the growing trend of video monitoring. The Bosch solution brings state of the art video surveillance to CMS while greatly reducing the costs and risks associated with new technology deployments. Already field-proven in Europe, Bosch now makes these services available through central monitoring stations in the Americas. 

“The video monitoring market is expected to grow at a rate far above traditional monitoring services,” said Chris Larcinese, Regional Marketing Man-ager, Bosch Security Systems, Inc. “This growth is being driven by small and midsized businesses that have similar security requirements as large organizations but that often lack sufficient funds to recruit their own security personnel or invest in professional security technology. There is significant opportunity for central monitoring stations to create new revenue opportunities by solving this business need for their customers.”

Video monitoring services

With Cloud-based Services, partner central monitoring stations are able to provide remote video verification, virtual guard, and assistance and surveillance services to their dealers and their direct small and midsized business customers.

The software as a service solution is hosted and maintained by Bosch, sparing the CMS any upfront investment in software, servers or IT maintenance personnel. For each CMS, Bosch integrates Cloud-based Services with their alarm management platform, enabling new video monitoring services within the established environment. 

For instance, when a Bosch IP camera equipped with Intelligent Video Analysis detects a critical event at the customer site, the operator is presented with an alarm in the alarm management platform. As soon as the operator acknowledges the event, a website is opened that helps the operator to quickly gain situational awareness based on live and recorded video evidence to confirm the source of the alarm. The website is then used to select the site interaction possibilities, such as issuing an audio message at the premises to prevent damage.

Business process support 

In addition to site protection and damage prevention, customers can also use Cloud-based Services to support business processes. For example, based on video data, customer traffic reports can be produced in order to optimize operational and staff scheduling processes. 

Simple installation and efficient operations

By leveraging Cloud-based Services, remote video viewing from a smart device no longer requires separate video transmission devices. Applications start with one IP camera which is simply mounted by an installer and connected via a secure Internet connection to the central monitoring station’s dedicated instance of the Bosch Security Cloud. This plug and play solution eliminates the need to reconfigure the customer’s network, such as disabling the firewall. Once the connection is established, the camera can be remotely configured for video monitoring services and to allow the end customer to view live or event video clips using a mobile device.

For more information about Cloud-based Services from Bosch, visit cloud.boschsecurity.com

Anne Insero
Bosch Security Systems, Inc. 
Phone: +1 585-678-3152
E-mail: anne.insero@us.bosch.com

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